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Tabletop Exercise


The most efficient and effective way to test your plan for a foreseeable crisis.


A Tabletop Exercise (TTX) is a simulation of a crisis, conducted in your conference room with your employee emergency commanders and senior management.


The goal is to test your planning and training to determine if your people are ready to successfully respond to a real crisis. A TTX is an essential part of beginning to plan for emergencies, or testing your current plan. It’s also an ideal way to bring onboard any doubters.


A TTX is akin to a simulator for airline pilots. They test their response to a cross-section of foreseeable calamities during flight to learn how to improve their response—all in a controlled setting.


Fast, easy, painless – and highly effective


Your TTX can run for 90 minutes to a half-day. BAM Safety & Security works with you to identify the crisis for your TTX, then structures the simulation and timeline.


At the beginning of your TTX, your facilitator will assign each participant a role to play, and start the exercise. As the simulated crisis unfolds, it quickly begins to feel like the real thing. Your facilitator will insert new developments, and pause to explore decisions made by participants.


After your TTX, the facilitator will invite discussion, present lessons learned and recommend action steps.


Within a few hours, you’ve tested your plan and how your people respond, you’ve affirmed the strengths of your plan and discovered holes, and learned what to do next.

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