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Safety Consulting

As industry experts, we know the success of an event is measured in many ways, including in terms of safety. Proactive safety planning by event organizers is not only sensible, it is essential. Effective planning means advance preparation to ensure that safety is a priority throughout the various event phases; load-in, pre-event set up, the event and finally the load-out. Our consulting team work closely with event organizers and members of the host staff to identify, evaluate and eliminate or minimize the risk of a negative outcome for the event, the organizer and the venue.

Our Consultants have been certified by multiple agencies including;

  • OSHA

  • DHS

  • ANSI

  • American Red Cross

  • Crowd Managers license from multiple states.

BAM Public Safety is one of the few security companies that is certified in Special Event & Sports Management by NCS4/US Department of Homeland Security.

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