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Emergency Preparedness Assessment


When an emergency strikes, it will take at least four to eight minutes for official responders to arrive after your 911 call. Depending on your location and facility, it can take much longer.


In these first critical minutes, you are on your own. You are legally required to have an emergency plan and to train your people to your plan.


Our Emergency Preparedness Assessment determines whether your emergency plan adequately addresses foreseeable emergencies and complies with federal, state and local laws.


If you don’t yet have an emergency plan, our assessment provides you with a solid foundation for creating one.



Why an Emergency Preparedness Assessment is important for protecting your people and organization


When it comes to emergency planning, these are your responsibilities:

  • Duty of care: Management has a core responsibility to ensure the safety of all personnel and stability of operations. Unless your emergency plan has been vetted by a certified emergency management professional, there is no way to know if it will protect your people and organization during an emergency.

  • Legal compliance with complex regulations: Management must comply with complex federal, state and local laws, as well as applicable national standards. Unless your plan has been created by a certified emergency management professional who is familiar with these regulations, it may expose your organization to hefty fines and lengthy (and expensive) litigation as well as business disruption and damage to your brand.

  • Collaborate with all emergency services: Management shall ensure that planning and training is implemented with the advice and cooperation of all governmental emergency responders and agencies. If emergency services aren’t involved in your planning and training, you won’t know how to work with them during an emergency.

  • Sustainability: Great plans are a smart thing, training is everything. It isn’t enough to have a plan; your people must be annually trained and drilled in its execution. Is your plan sustainable? Do you have protocols established, team leaders selected, and a schedule implemented to continue training without a qualified expert on hand to direct the operation?


What our Emergency Preparedness Assessment covers


We do much more than look at your plans. We personally:

  • Conduct a walk-through of your entire facility

  • Interview appropriate personnel

  • Consult with your local emergency responders

  • Inspect all pertinent documents related to your emergency plans, and

  • Assess your current emergency/crisis team’s organization, command, control, and communications.


After our assessment, we deliver a comprehensive report including:

  • Site descriptions

  • Strengths

  • Vulnerabilities

  • Opportunities

  • Threats

  • Real scenarios to consider

  • A checklist of compliance issues

  • Recommendations for addressing vulnerabilities


We don’t just give you our assessment then leave you holding the bag. We give you an action plan that outlines how any issues can be resolved. We also provide you with a detailed list of deliverables to bring you up to code, along with the cost of completing your emergency response planning and training.


Our guarantee


After we conduct your assessment, we guarantee:

  • You will know your federal, state, and local compliance requirements for all safety, security, and sustainability issues.

  • You will be assessed with regards to recognized, authoritative national standards.

  • You will know the budget and timetables for emergency planning and training.

  • You will be able to report to employees, management, and directors that your workplace has had an objective security audit of the highest quality and professionalism



Not sure an Emergency Preparedness Assessment is right for your organization?



Consider a Tabletop Exercise


A Tabletop Exercise simulates a foreseeable emergency of your choosing. It is conducted in your conference room with your employee emergency commanders and senior management. We unfold the emergency, and participants respond each step of the way. When it concludes, we present our findings of your plan’s strengths and weaknesses.


A Tabletop Exercise tests your ability to respond to a foreseeable emergency, evaluates the strength of your emergency planning, and tests how your people respond. It’s also useful for bringing onboard any naysayers.


Would you like more information on an Emergency Preparedness Assessment?

Call us at 603.491.3169, or email us at We will contact you to answer your questions and explore how an Emergency Preparedness Assessment will benefit your organization.

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