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Crowd Control


Crowd Managers

Fatal disasters, such as the Indiana State Fair 2011 stage collapse and the 2003 The Station nightclub fire, clearly illustrate the need for trained crowd managers to prevent repeat catastrophes. 




Crowd managers training are required by all national fire code standards in public assemblies such as nightclubs, auditoriums, ballrooms and arenas. They are trained to avoid an emergency if possible and react appropriately should an emergency occur they do this by:


  • Conducting pre-event inspections to identify problems with exits and egress paths and ensure required fire systems are operational    

  • Use a portable fire extinguisher

  • Guide the crowd in an emergency

  • Recognize when to use protection strategies, including defend-in-place, evacuation or partial evacuation

  • React to deteriorating weather conditions

  • Identify problem attendees and how to respond once they're identified

  • Coordinate with emergency responders

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