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Alarm Response


Why do you need alarm response?

  1. PEACE OF MIND: We respond directly to the alarm signals coming from your home or business’s alarm panel. We investigate the incident and report directly to you.

  2. NO FALSE ALARM CHARGES: You never have to pay the police for a false alarm charge and that can be expensive and frustrating. We are out to your property first and before the police to investigate whether it’s a falls alarm or crime committed, our officers will handle it and the police will only be contacted if there was a crime committed to file a police report on your behalf.

  3. PRIORITY ONE: To us alarm signals and dispatch is priority one, when our officers are dispatched to your property we are fast and eager to get there and investigate, we report our finding directly to you whatever it maybe.

  4. PROFESSIONALISM: All of our officers are licensed, insured, and professionally trained to handle any satiation that may arises

  5. PATROL UNITS: All of our patrol units are equipped with GPS, 2 way radios, annunciator, dash cameras and cell phones

  6. ADDITIONAL SERVICES: We can provide you with customized service that can be tailored to your needs and specifications. Our services include private patrol, private events, drive by, standing guards, gated communities and more!

Commercial Patrol Service’s and Sweeps

  • Scheduled and random patrol sweeps to homes & businesses 5 times a night, 7 days a week.

  • Investigation of all suspicious circumstances, persons and vehicles.

  • A complete and detailed report of visits to your property, including time and date.

  • Crime deterrence through high-visibility security guard patrol units.

  • Alarm verification prior to police dispatch – helps eliminate false alarm fees & charges.

  • Added protection if an actual burglary or break-in has occurred or is in progress. Our Alarm response agents stay on-site and are in contact with owner and law enforcement.

  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • This service is offered at $1,800 monthly. month to month contract or we can customize to serve your needs.

Residential Patrols:

  • Patrols of property, interior and exterior.

Commercial Patrols:

  • Shopping Establishments

  • Construction Sites

  • Commercial Buildings and more

Vacation House Checks:

  • Going away or vacation? Let us take care of your property while away.

We can even:

  • Do scheduled or random patrols.

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